Community Coach (Canoe Kids) Workshop 
Edmonton - July 2, 2023

15 &16 years athletes who want to become summer coaches must sign up for this Workshop.

In-person: Community Coach (Canoe Kids) Workshop

Where: Morinville Leisure Center & Cardiff Pond

When: July 2, 2023

The NCCP is Canada’s recognized National Coaching Certification Program.

This workshop has been designed to meet the needs of coaches, summer camps, and volunteers who are working with individuals at a community level. Coaches in this workshop will be recognized in the NCCP Database as “TRAINED” as Community Coach. To be certified participants will have to be successfully evaluated during the practice session within the course, as well as complete all coursework. In addition, coaches will also have to successfully pass the Coaching Association of Canada’s Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation at

For more information on how to create an NCCP number: check our website Coach's Resources 

Coaches are evaluated on their competency in several areas, including, program design, practice planning, performance analysis, program management, ethical coaching, and support to participants during training and competition.

Once you successfully complete your course, I will submit your evaluation online through the Locker system by the Canadian Coaches Association. Your online status will appear as TRAINED.

Course Details Learning Facilitator: Zak Mahmoudi co-delivered with Nadia Chama

Date: Saturday, July  2nd, 2023: 10 am – 8:00 pm (Lunch included)

Location: Cardiff Pond Cost: $200.00 (includes workshop binder, course material, and Lunch).

Pre-requisite: completion of the following NCCP online courses 

- 40 hours of canoe kayak volunteer coach in the last 2 years
- NCCP  Coaching Athletes with a Disability (Free)
- NCCP Safe Sport Training or Respect in Sport (Free)
- NCCP Antiracism (Free)
- NCCP Emergency Action Plan (Free)
- NCCP Making Ethical Decision 

Observation & Evaluation - On-water training environment (in-person) 

Participants are to bring the registration fee to the course or prior to July 2nd. Please make cheques payable to Greater Edmonton Racing Canoe Kayak Club.

Participants should bring: a change of clothes for paddling and writing materials.

To Register: please go  through the Locker system, if you don’t have an account please click on this link to create your account and register

A minimum of 5 participants are required to run the course.

If you have trouble registering for the event, I have provided steps that should guide you to make your registration:

1) Log into The Locker (
2) Click on the “Calendar” to view events;
3) Change filter selection to match “July” “2023” “Alberta” and “CanoeKayak” (as seen below);
4) Find your event, #5589536 CanoeKids Workshop then click on the title on the right-hand side of the screen;
5) This brings you to a new screen where you can “Register for the Event”; and
6) Now you are registered! 

Community Coach
(Canoe Kids) Workshop in Edmonton - July 2, 2023