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Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question that we didn't answer here? Please contact us!

Q. How do I register for a program?

A. Please click on the Register button on the program's page. You will be directed to our RAMP online system to submit your registration. Your space is reserved upon receipt of payment and signed waiver forms.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. We accept credit card payments online via the RAMP system. For drop-ins only, we accept payment in-person.

Q. What is the cancellation policy for summer camps?

A. If cancellation is done at least 2 weeks before the start of the camp, then a refund will be issued less a $25 administration fee. If cancellation is done within 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp, a refund will be issued less 25% of the camp fee. Refunds will not be given for inclement weather! There is no refund available once the camp has started; instead, if the Head Coach deems the conditions unsafe to be on the water, alternate activities will be provided on land.

Q. What types of paddling activities are offered during summer camps?

A. We offer all sorts of paddling activities such as: stand up paddle board, kayak, canoe, dragon boat, war canoe and intro to sprint racing canoe and kayak boats.

Q. What should my child bring to camp?

Running shoes, sandals to wear in the boats, clothes to paddle in (athletic shirt & shorts), an extra change of dry clothes, a jacket or rain gear, towel, sunscreen, hat, packed lunch/snacks, and a water bottle. 
Please label all your personal belongings that are brought to the summer camp sessions!

Q. Can you get swimmer's itch from Cardiff Pond?

We have a clean lake, but it is possible to get swimmers itch if you child spend more than a few minutes in the water. A quick rinse with fresh water and towel drying afterward minimizes the chance of getting swimmers itch.

Q. Does my child have to participate in races/regattas if they are in a competitive program?

All paddlers are encouraged to participate in the regattas; however, it is recognized that not everyone desires to compete. This is an individual choice that is best made between the parent and child with the input of a coach. Our club offers fun regattas each summer in August for campers. Please check our competition calendar and speak to our staff about racing opportunities.

Q. Does my child need to attend the summer program every day? Can we go away throughout the summer?

The effort you put into your training dictates the performance you will see. That being said, we do not expect athletes to attend every single practice! If your family has plans to go away, please let a coach know so that they can give your child some supplementary workouts for their vacation.

Q. Can my child come try out paddling before we sign up for a summer camp?

Absolutely! We offer one-day memberships for those who want to come to the club before signing up for summer camp. Please visit our Drop-In page for more info!

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