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Together, we can make sport safe for everyone.

Safe Sport

Creating a culture where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility. Safe and inclusive sport environments help make sport rewarding and enriching for all. Safe Sport training gives you the knowledge and skills to create those environments by recognizing, addressing and preventing maltreatment in sport.

Coaches, board members, officials, and referees are all required to complete Safe Sport training prior to their involvement with the club. Coaches are also Making Ethical Decisions certified.


Risk Levels

Level 1 (Low Risk): Training is recommended but not required for:
a) Volunteers acting on a non-regular or informal basis. 
b) Volunteers who are not in a position of authority. 

Level 2 (Medium Risk): Training and Screening are mandatory for: 
a) Volunteers working in a regular capacity and who are in a position of authority. 
b) Non-Coach Employees
c) Directors (all levels) 
d) Officials working in a position of authority 
e) Event organizing committee

Level 3 (High Risk): Training and Screening are mandatory for: 
a) Junior/Senior Coaches 
b) Any coach or employee who will travel with athletes for overnight trips

The risk level scale we use for managing risks for safety
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