Safe Sport
            Together, we can make sport safe for everyone

Creating a culture where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility

Safe Sport

Safe, inclusive sport environments help make sport rewarding and enriching for all. Safe Sport Training gives you the knowledge and skills to create those environments by recognizing, addressing and preventing maltreatment in sport.

Directors, Coaches, Officials, Staff, Board members, and Volunteers 

Risk levels

Level 1 (Low Risk): Training is recommended but not required for :
a) Volunteers acting on a non-regular or informal basis.
b) Volunteers who are not in a position of authority. 

Level 2 (Medium Risk): Training and Screening are mandatory for: 
a) Volunteers working in a regular capacity and who are in a position of authority.
b) Non-Coach Employees
d) Directors (all levels)
e) Officials working in a position of authority
f) Event organizing committee

Level 3 (High Risk): Training and Screening are mandatory for: 
a) Junior/Senior Coaches
b) Any coach or employee who will travel with athletes for overnight trips.

Safe Sport Screening Process

Login to the ST.Albert Canoe & Kayak Club - RAMP Registrations for the Ramp Database. In order to access the final step below, to indicate which training you have taken from Step 1, upload your documents from Step 2 and fill out the forms in Step 4, you will need to ensure you can login here to access these forms. Please review the following guide while you use RAMP and complete the screening process.

Completing Safe Sport Screening In RAMP - User Guide (2023)

Step 1: Complete the required training 
Step 3: Gather Documents (to be uploaded )
Step 3: Login to SACKC RAMP database Here and complete the listed requirements & Screening Disclosure
Step 4: 
When all steps have been completed you will receive a confirmation that you are screened and verified as a club member

COACHES – All Coaches are also required to be Making Ethical Decisions certified. 

NOTE: The CKC/SACKC Annual Season is from April 1 to March 31. Screening must be completed before members participate in their roles each season.

For further information on the Training & Screening processes, please consult with our safety officer Mr. Hekmat Chama: [email protected]

You may also refer to this document for detailed instructions on the full CKC Safe Sport Policy HERE

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our club environment safe.

* To note, a Criminal Record Check (CRC) can also be an E-PIC (Enhanced Police Information Check) done by a Third Party (example Sterling Backcheck)

* Criminal Record Check components:

- Search of adult convictions in the RCMP database
- Local police information/judicial matters check. This is a check of things outside of the national repository.

** A Vulnerable Sector Check/Screening (VSC/VSS) includes a Criminal Record Check.

Screening Levels

Board Members & Volunteers

Board Members must provide a Criminal Record Check (CRC) every five years for those 19 years or older.

Board Members must complete the CAC Safe Sport Training or Respect in Sport - Activity Leaders Training.

Screening Matrix

Coach & Instructor

Criminal Record Checks All coaches and instructors must provide a Criminal Record Check (CRC) every five years for those 19 years and older.

NCCP Certification Coaches/instructors must be certified under the National Coaching Certification Program where programming is available.

Code of Conduct Adherence to the Safe Sport approved GERCKC Code of Conduct

Safe Sport or Respect In Sport. There are two options for training. CAC Safe Sport Training or Respect in Sport - Activity Leaders Training for level 2 and 3 risk levels, and the recommended completion of this training for level 1 risk levels. Coaches and Instructors are also required to complete Making Ethical Decisions.

Screening Matrix

Officials / Referee

All Officials must provide a Criminal Record Check (CRC) every five years for those 19 years and older.

CAC Safe Sport Training or Respect in Sport - Activity Leaders Training for level 2 and 3 risk levels, and the recommended completion of this training for level 1 risk levels.

Respective Officiating Level I, II, III courses

Screening Matrix

NCCP Making Ethical Decisions​

Making Ethical Decisions training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical and moral implications of difficult situations, leaving coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough.​

Target Audience: Coaches, teachers, recreation leaders.

Cost: $40– $80

Take the course


By completing the Safe Sport Training e-module, you will gain the knowledge and skills to create healthy and safe environments by recognizing, addressing and preventing maltreatment in sport.​

Cost: FREE


CKC Screening Levels Requirements Matrix

Sport Help Line

Sport Help Line for all athletes: To ensure Canadian sport participants of all levels compete in a safe and welcoming environment. Are you aware of a suspected incident of abuse, harassment, discrimination or bullying? Do you have questions and/or concerns regarding this incident? This line is here to provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately.

SafeSport Toolbox

Looking for Tools to facilitate a safe culture in sport?

Frequently Asked Questions
To prevent maltreatment in sport, all Sport Canada-funded organizations are required to make safe sport training available to anyone under their immediate authority. Safe Sport Training from the Coaching Association of Canada meets the minimum standards for this mandated safe sport training. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Safe Sport Training eLearning module.

Why am I being asked to complete this training?

All Sport Canada-funded organizations must make mandatory training on harassment and abuse available to their membership by April 1, 2020. If you are under the immediate authority of a national sport organization or multi-sport services organization, you are required to complete safe sport training. Your organization may also have asked you to complete the training to comply with its own policies. Check with your sport organization to confirm.

Who is required to complete safe sport training?

As of April 1, 2020, anyone in any of the following roles within a Sport Canada-funded organization must be trained on conduct to prevent and address maltreatment: Decision-makers

Paid and non-paid staff
Coaches / Administrators 
High-performance directors
Operational Board members

Those with direct athlete contact: 

National team athletes, Coaches, High-performance staff,  National training centre staff,  Nationally appointed coach, Administration/finance staff, Governance committee members.

Should I complete the Training even if I am not required to?

Maltreatment can occur in sports organizations at any level. While the Coaching Association of Canada Safe Sport Training was developed specifically for Sport Canada-funded organizations, it is available free of charge to anyone who wishes to take it. The more people who learn how to identify and address maltreatment, the safer all sport environments will be.

Am I required to complete this training annually?

Sport Canada will determine the requirement and will communicate to the Sport System once it is determined. NSOs and MSOs have the ability to determine requirements for their organization that go above the minimum standard, as appropriate. As an example:  coaches who 19 years old and older and are considered as Level 2/3 will have to be screened every 5 years  

I am involved in multiple sports. Will they all accept this Training?

The CAC’s Safe Sport Training meets all requirements set by Sport Canada. Some organizations may choose to follow a different program. Speak with your sport organizations to confirm which training program you should take.

How long does Safe Sport Training take?

The eLearning will take approximately 1–1.5 hours to complete.

Do I have to complete the Training in one session?

You can complete the Training in multiple sessions. You can save your progress and pick up where you left off.

How much does the Training cost?

Safe Sport Training is offered free of charge to participants.

Can I earn professional development points for taking Safe Sport Training?

If you are an NCCP-certified coach, you can earn 2 professional development points by completing this module.

What is the Locker?

The Locker is the Coaching Association of Canada’s online learning platform. Create a free account to engage in NCCP eLearning, register for events, access your NCCP coaching transcript and more. Click Here to create an account

I don’t have a Locker account. Can I still complete the Training?

You’ll need to create a free Locker account to access the Training. Simply register an account and visit the eLearning page to access the Safe Sport Training. Click Here create an account

How do I make a Locker account?

Visit and click Create an NCCP account. Fill in the required information and click Register.

What are your terms How will I know that I’ve completed the Training successfully?

The process is straightforward:

1- Log in to the Locker and click the tab with your name at the top right of the screen.

2- Click the Certification tab in the top banner.

3- Your transcript will list all trainings you have completed that are tracked in the Locker.

Can I complete the Training on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. The Training is accessible on all technology devices including desktop, mobile devices and tablets.

In which languages is the Training available?

The Training is available in English and French.

Does Safe Sport Training meet online accessibility standards?

Yes, the Training is accessible.

Accessible Options

Please email [email protected] or call 613-235-5000 for information on accessibility options for Safe Sport Training.